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Go From Standing Behind The Chair Every Saturday to a Highly Paid Hair Loss Professional  Apply Now !

Activate & Discover the Life-Changing, In-Person, Hands-On Hair Loss Training You Need to Start Offering Hair Loss Services In Your Business That Will Change Lives — Including Your Own.

Learn the secrets to how my students are making $4,000 and up per  hair loss client; you'll see and hear testimonials from actual graduates!


Get The Certification,the skill-set and all of my resources to offer this Premium Service and learn from me LIVE, in the comfort of your home. Then...


  • Spend 2 Days LIVE, In-Person with Beurena in Augusta, GA

  • Get hands-on training with me looking over your shoulder, answering your questions, and making sure you become successful!


Morrisal Hernandez

Amber McCray

Founder of Seamless Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Training 

The Interactive Trichology 101 course has been a wonderful investment.  I am still learning so much inside of the "Hair Loss Experts" that Win Membership.  Beurena is a true leader who truly wants to see you succeed and supports you on every step of your journey. I am so grateful God made our paths cross. Thank you Beurena for sharing your God-given gift. I recommend any  cosmetologists that wants to go to the next level to apply for this course and expand your horizons.  

Restore Hair Loss Clinic

Terri Culton Brown

When I tell you this lady has blessed my whole soul... believe it!


Thank you Trichologist Beurena Johnson for pouring yourself empty into me.


You are appreciated.

Hair Loss Prevention and Solution Clinic

Nikki Glaslow


Apply now!

Total investment for the course: $1,497. Ask about the Platinum VIP option for $1947.00.

Why did I create this course?

I wanted to be able to take existing stylist from being known as a person that covers up hair loss to a person that gets to the root of the problem through hair restoration.

The bonus is that you grow your client’s hair and grow your bank account at the same time.

It’s a “WIN” “WIN”

Join me and let me show you how I used this course to turn an extra $4,000  per month.

Is it an investment? Yes it is, but at the end of the day, it got me out of standing behind the chair and it gave me the kind of income that allowed me to start doing the things I really enjoyed in life. Once you invest in yourself, I am going to help you get paid without using so much of your time and energy.

I am going to introduce a system using a specific skillset. What I am offering is a way for you to have a premium service! Once you leave my class you will have the skill, certification and the resources to offer an premium service at a premium price. 


But wait...there's more!


  • Over $500 in hair tools.

  •  7 day  free trial membership inside of  "Hair Loss Experts  that WIN" Membership

  • 7 days free inside of the "Hair Loss Expert:s that win Facebook Community.